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5 Essential Features To Look For In a Social Responsibility Platform

17-Jul-2018 3:06:02 PM / by Caleb Dow

As your company grows, and your employee engagement programs begin to evolve and scale, there will come a time when your organization will require a platform to manage them. There are several things to consider when deciding which platform to adopt to manage your programs. Here are the top 5 features that we believe are essential to managing a world-class employee engagement and corporate social responsibility strategy.


Flexibility: You shouldn’t feel like your programs are restricted or confined to the capabilities of the platform. Because variety is an important aspect of engagement, it’s important that your platform be capable of running a number of different programs- from volunteering to diversity & inclusion initiatives.


Mobile Functionality: To increase adoption and participation, it is important to meet employees where they are. A mobile app proves to be extremely convenient for logging your hours sharing your stories in real time when you’re on the go.


Social Integrations: It’s important to be able to leverage both internal and external social networks. The ability to share authentic content directly to your corporate social feeds is extremely valuable for raising awareness externally. By integrating with internal communication tools that your employees are already using like Slack and Yammer, you’ll increase the likelihood of adoption.


User experience: Does the software operate the way you think it should? Does it make your job easier? Is it enjoyable to complete tasks? Gamification and peer to peer recognition are two examples of product features that lead to an engaging, transformational user experience. It’s the lack of these two features that make some platforms stale and transactional.


Reporting Capabilities: It’s one thing to have an engaging program, but what does the platform do with all of the data? It’s important that your solution comes with dashboards and real-time reports that highlight and celebrate your impact. It’s essential that the platform provide insight into both internal adoption as well as community impact.


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Caleb Dow

Written by Caleb Dow