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Community Spotlight: Leading Edge Credit Union

5-Dec-2018 9:30:00 AM / by Caleb Dow

For International Volunteer Day we wanted to highlight a Porpoise client that has been going above and beyond in their community. When we met with Leading Edge Credit Union for the first time, one thing struck us immediately-as an organization they were investing a ton of their time (both personal and company time), and other resources back into the community. 

Giving back is built right into the credit union model. Because of the way credit unions are structured, Leading Edge is able to charge lower fees for their members, which allows them to pass on those savings both directly to their members as well as through community investment. 

About Their Programs

  • Event sponsorship
  • Non-profit donations
  • Volunteerism both on company time and personal time
  • School Savings Program
  • Financial literacy workshops 

Leading Edge Credit Union's employees are a group of passionate and generous community leaders. The fact that Leading Edge Credit Union supports and promotes giving back likely played a considerable role in attracting many of their employees to work there in the first place! From financial literacy workshops to funding local events and causes, these programs are leaving a lasting impact on the local community. 

Their Impact

As a company they have supported 118 organizations in 2018. Employees have volunteered over 1530 hours, with 433 of those hours on company time. Their volunteerism translates to a dollar value of over $41,000! Additionally, their forfeited revenue for community and environmental initiatives was $67,963.

They've also sponsored countless events and made donations to a number of worthy causes throughout the year. Watch the below video to learn about the Growing Our Future Childcare Co-operative Centre, which was made a reality thanks to the generosity of Leading Edge Credit Union.

Leading Edge Credit Union also offers free financial literacy workshops to seniors, high school students, and everyone in between. They call this program Each One Teach One. These workshops  and courses cover a number of topics from budgeting basics to home ownership. It's a great initiative that is designed to empower people to make the right financial decisions for themselves and their families. In 2018, Leading Edge Credit Union offered 13 of these courses. Learn more about the Each One Teach One program here

LECU also places a high value on education. In addition to offering a number of scholarships to students each year, they also run financial literacy training in local elementary schools called the School Savings Program. This program has resulted in 802 deposits taken, and offers fun and engaging lessons on the value of money and the principle of saving. 



On this International Volunteer Day, join us as we #CelebrateTheGood that Leading Edge Credit Union is doing in the community and for their stakeholders at large!  

Topics: Volunteering, Corporate Social Responsibility

Caleb Dow

Written by Caleb Dow