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Community Spotlight: Rehab1

5-Nov-2018 9:30:00 AM / by Caleb Dow

As a local business owner, John Gonzales has always believed in giving back to the community. His company, Rehab1, has raised thousands of dollars for worthy causes in the Greater Moncton Area. They’re using Porpoise to capture this impact and celebrate the great things they do as a company each and every day!

"We have always been extremely proud of the workplace culture that we have built at Rehab1 - it's everything we have always dreamed of: a team of engaged and positive people that want to do great things in the community, that want to support each other's goals and dreams, and that share the same values as Rehab1. Porpoise has become our go-to workplace app that we use solely to motivate each other, support each other, and work towards a common goal of being better people for ourselves and our community!!"                    - John Gonzales, Founder, Rehab1

In addition to their community initiatives, Rehab1 does a number of team building activities, from summiting Mount Katahdin to canoeing the Restigouche River, they’re using Porpoise to capture what makes their culture unique. 

Rehab1 has also been running a fitness challenge through the Porpoise platform! From yoga classes to Crossfit, the Rehab1 team is an active bunch, having logged over 244 fitness hours in just two months! 

Rehab1 is a great example of a workplace that is doing well by doing good- and they’re using Porpoise to capture and measure their impact! They’ve developed a magnetic workplace culture where people work hard, have fun, and make a lasting impact on their clients and the community at large.

"One of our defining values at Rehab1 is to be a creator of meaningful change in the communities we work in. We have seen the direct and immediate workplace benefit of our team members re-investing their energies back into the community. In addition to this, it is nice to hear often that people look to us as the health care clinic that is the "Force for Good" in our community. Porpoise has allowed us to take our efforts even further because they get it - they understand exactly what we are trying to do even better than we do! With Porpoise, the positive feedback within our team is immediate, our efforts are tracked, and together we can celebrate all the good we do as a group!"
John Gonzales, Founder, Rehab1

If you want to join Rehab1 and other companies that are making an impact in the community- then get in touch ! It’s easy to get started, and as an added bonus, all accounts that get started on Porpoise before January 2019 will result in a donation to the United Way !

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Caleb Dow

Written by Caleb Dow