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What's a Porpoise Challenge?

10-Dec-2018 8:57:00 AM / by Caleb Dow

Porpoise is built around what we call challenges. A challenge usually has a goal and a corresponding metric and end date associated with it. Challenges follow the SMART goal framework, meaning they are specific, measurable attainable, realistic, and time bound. For example, a volunteering challenge could have a goal of achieving 10 hours of volunteerism in a 3 month period. This makes it easier for people to understand what they are working toward, and how they can contribute. Just one of the many contributing factors to our user-experience. 

Porpoise is the most engaging solution for companies and their employees because it offers a simple yet powerful platform for people to connect with each other, surrounding actions and experiences that matter: actions that are associated with a person’s purpose & values. 

It all boils down to a formula that we’ve discovered:

Purpose + Action = Impact. 

With Porpoise, companies are able to empower their employees to turn their values, and purpose into action, and that’s where impact occurs. Every single day, 100’s of actions are captured on Porpoise, where people are able to come together and connect around these actions and celebrate the corresponding impact that is generated by them. 

Challenges can be formed around anything and everything, and they’re unique to the company that hosts them. Challenges become a reflection of the company and employee values and culture.

Here are a couple of examples of challenges we’ve run at Porpoise!

Challenge Description: This Fitness Challenge is a little different — we want everyone to post at least 25 hours of physical activity on Porpoise! It can be anything from walking to lunch, running in the park, biking to and from work, yoga, going to the gym and everything in between! We won’t reach our company wide goal unless EVERYONE posts their 10 hours :) Bi-weekly leaderboards will keep us on the ball!

Since running these fitness challenges, our entire team has felt a lot healthier, and able to operate at a higher level when we’re at work. Our fitness challenges show that our company encourages a work-life balance and promotes personal wellness. 

Challenge Description: At Porpoise giving back to our community is one of our core values. Share how you give back to the community. We’re setting a big goal of 500 hours and to celebrate (once we make it happen) we’re going surfing as a team in Lawrencetown, for real (this time). Let’s make it happen, Porpoise and share your stuff!

Our second challenge is a community involvement challenge. On top of developing a better understanding of the causes our colleagues care about, our community/volunteering challenges also helps us discover volunteering opportunities in the community. The impact we’ve been able to generate is far greater than we had expected as a relatively small team.


And as a bonus, when we hit our goal, we were rewarded with a surfing retreat! 

Porpoise challenges allow us to put our corporate purpose and values into action, and makes us feel like a stronger team. Porpoise is the first platform that connects and aligns teams surrounding the things that makes their culture unique. As companies achieve their goals, we generate impact reports for internal and external sharing. 

Porpoise challenges are powering positive change while creating magnetic cultures for companies big and small. Want to create a challenge for your own workplace?

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Caleb Dow

Written by Caleb Dow